Clean Soffitts and Fascias

Safi Cleaning Services clean Soffitts and Fascia in Sussex

If the roof of a house is its hair and the windows are its eyes, then the soffitts and fasicas must be the eyebrows right? You don’t want your home to have dirty eyebrows do you?!

Spring is here and what do we do in spring? We Clean Soffitts and Fascias!

This week Safi Cleaning Services have left soffitts and fascias “SPARKLING* in Lindfield and Hassocks.

The image above shows the transformation of old wooden soffitts (with several years worth of grime and muck) back to clean, fresh and attractive ones that would make any homeowner proud.

With our reach and wash system, cleaning is easily carried out within a few hours and your home will look as good as new when we’re finished!

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